Below is a few questions to help assist you to make the correct choice between Residential Care and Supported Living.


Criteria Yes? No?
Can young people go out of the establishment without staff permission? Supported accommodation Care
Do young people have full control of their own finances? Supported accommodation

(This can be control over an allocated amount of set money for each necessity e.g. Food, clothing – If the young person has control but needs support to make good choices this is acceptable)

Do young people have control over what they wear and of the resources to buy clothes? Supported accommodation Care
Are young people in charge of meeting all of their health needs, including such things as arranging GP or specialist health care appointments? Are young people in full control of their medication? Supported accommodation (note that young people may ask for advice and help on their health, but if decisions rest with the young person, the establishment is not providing care.) Care
Do staff have any access to any medical records? Care Supported accommodation
Can young people choose to stay away overnight? Supported accommodation (note that being expected to tell someone if they are going to be away overnight does not indicate providing care but needing to ask someone’s permission does.)

House rules can stipulate how many overnights allowed per week.

Is there a sanctions policy that goes beyond house rules and legal sanctions that would be imposed on any adult? Care Supported accommodation
If the establishment accommodates both adults and young people, do those under 18 have any different supervision, support, facilities or restrictions? Care Supported accommodation


Do staff have any responsibility for aftercare once a young person has left? Care (note that some supported accommodation services will offer some support to help young people get established in their next accommodation − this is not care.) Supported accommodation


YP Bedroom 4

Our Accommodation

All accommodation will provide the young person with their own bedroom and a shared bathroom; shared kitchen and sitting room facilities.  We encourage young people to bring their own belongings and wherever possible they will be encouraged to choose how they would like their bedroom room decorated.

What we ask

What do we ask of the young people?

  •  To be considerate of the other people they may live with and the residents in the local community.
  •  To engage with support services provided;
  •  To pay their rent on an agreed date from their housing benefit.
  •  To abide by the tenancy agreement and not not break any laws whilst in their accommodation.

Next Steps...

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