Daniel Johns - Director

Tees-Valley Care is a relatively new company in the sector,
with the leadership of our director who has worked in the industry for over 16 years with numerous achievements.

Daniel Johns is the Director of Tees-Valley Care Limited, he has been working in the education and social care sector for over 16 years.

Daniel first started working in children’s homes as a residential care worker for the local authority. He gained the highest level of training and experience with children who present social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Daniel has successfully managed and opened several services for both the local authority and private companies, including children’s homes, children centres, family support workers, nurseries, childcare provisions, adult tutors, community midwives and health visitors.

During his career, Daniel has had a proven track record of success, for instance, receiving the grades of Good and Outstanding’s from Ofsted in all the homes that he manages. This places Daniel at the forefront of exceptional practice that includes, emotional and behavioural development within the children’s home sector.

Because of this success, Daniel has gone on to become a principal trainer for one of the UK’s largest provider of specialist children’s residential services. Daniel delivers training up and down the country around Safeguarding and Child Protection, Build Accredited PILLARS (Restrictive Physical Intervention), Safe Handling and Administration of Medication, Reporting and Recording.